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Silverton Solo Trip

Just as a little recap from the Silverton trip I took on April 15, 2012…bottomless turns for the most part…except for the old slide path that I come across at the end!

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Park Day…if you can’t beat them?

This season has not been the year to push the limits of the Colorado backcountry. The steeper lines were sliding, and to be honest, didn’t have enough snow to truly make you feel confident in the landing zones anyways.

But I have always enjoyed all aspects of riding, and a day in the park with all of your friends definitely isn’t a horrible concept. While many bc travelers will frown on the idea of lift serviced riding with man made features, I take it as an opportunity to let loose, have fun, and work on skills that you can bring to your backcountry freeriding.

Afterall, Travis Rice wasn’t born boosting off of AK spines. You can bet your Go-Pro that he has hit plenty of park booters in his day, and a little bit of air/board awareness never hurt anyone. So when life gives you lemons, get out there and make something tasty that works with your day. Make the best out of each free moment, and enjoy everyone around you.

Having drinks on a sunny mountain deck, and lapping some jumps is pretty damn fun. And I for one would rather ride something over nothing…and right now there is practically nothing in our favorite backcountry zone… So get out there and have some fun, skim some ponds, and get stoked on riding!

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Heli Day with De La Rue

Heli Day with De La Rue

Even pro riders like Xavier De la Rue take the time to carefully select their routes and test the snowpack.  Most of the time, he has an experienced guide with him, and they spend the day working their way up to more consequential lines as the snow dictates.  So take the time to set yourself up for success out there.  If you have a big line in mind, play on a couple of similar aspects to get a good idea of what is reacting.  Plan your routes well, and maybe bring that Weber grill that those silly Frenchies talk about in the video.

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Fun in East Vail

There is no shame in taking a more relaxed line this season. When slides are popping everywhere, and old crowns are visible just above the landing zones of your favorite cliffs, sometimes a few turns and falls are enough to make you realize what is so fun about riding.

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