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Mountain Motivation: Why are YOU here?

Late one June evening I was halfway up the CC Rider couloir on Peak C when it happened.  I heard a large cracking noise, almost like the sound of a tree breaking in the wind, yet I was above treeline.  The rumbling came next.  I jammed my axe into the snow and grabbed the head with both … Continue reading

Cornice Cutting on the Cross Couloir

  The most difficult aspect of an alpine start is not the early wake up, but rather forcing yourself to go to sleep.  With the same anxious thoughts as a 10 year old on Christmas Eve, sleep comes as easily as catsup from a glass jar.  Sleep seems to take forever at first, then before you … Continue reading

Trip Report: A Day in the Life on Teton Pass

Thank whoever you pray to for the change in the weather pattern here in Colorado.  For the first time in 2 years, It finally feels like winter is here.  But up until this past week, the drought had been plaguing the high country to the point that we were looking up roomate wanted ads near other … Continue reading

Trip Report: Early Sessions in Vail Pass

It’s hard to judge a season by its preseason snowfall.  Last year we had a great kickoff, and then the faucet in the sky shut off and we were left dry for 2 months.  The season before that waited till almost opening day, then it dumped for weeks on end.  This year… who knows what … Continue reading

2012 Year in Review: The Highs and Lows of the Season that Never Was

Just as luck would have it, the resorts closed for the season, and the snow immediately started falling.  For those who didn’t hang up their winter gear a month ago as most did, it was an uncanny opportunity to grab some good snow while it lasted.  Vail Pass was buzzing with energy Monday the 16th, … Continue reading

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