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Secret Spots: Unlocking Your Wildest Dreams

There are certain lifestyles that become giddy at the idea of a “secret spot.”  A place that you can call your own, or share with a select group of friends that are reliable enough to entrust with the most potent of magical details.  In all honesty, what could be better than your version of a … Continue reading

Making Friends in Fruita

It is hard to believe that May is already halfway over.  Even though time seems to fly, from the winter/spring that the high country experienced, it seems as if it should almost be August by now.  Luckily, the rains have been swinging our way more often, bringing some much needed moisture not only to our … Continue reading

Into the Gore: 5 Reasons Why You Need to Stay at the Eiseman Hut

The reasons behind people’s motivations for embarking on a hut trip can be just as varied as the layers in a Colorado snowpack.  Whether you are looking for an all-day tour with minimal riding, an easy hike in so you can enjoy a family outing, or you simply want to get away from the resort, … Continue reading

Grouse Peak: The Beauty Beyond the Bald Spot

People can be pretty negative.  In fact, quite a few people are always negative.  (Is that a negative comment?)  So many dreams are crushed in our world due to others opinions, so many trips cancelled and plans are ruined because of someone else’s comments.  Not to sound too Martha Stewart, but if someone is excited … Continue reading

Heli Day with De La Rue

Heli Day with De La Rue

Even pro riders like Xavier De la Rue take the time to carefully select their routes and test the snowpack.  Most of the time, he has an experienced guide with him, and they spend the day working their way up to more consequential lines as the snow dictates.  So take the time to set yourself up for success out there.  If you have a big line in mind, play on a couple of similar aspects to get a good idea of what is reacting.  Plan your routes well, and maybe bring that Weber grill that those silly Frenchies talk about in the video.

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