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MTB Essentials: 5 Items You Need Now

We love gear.  If you live in the mountains, that is just a way of life.  Reinhold Messner famously said, “The modern climber carries his courage in his rucksack.”  While this can come off as a bit negative, it can be nice to know that you can get yourself out of any situation because of … Continue reading

MTB Essentials: 5 Things you Don’t Need

It is possible that one can blame modern marketing for the face of our world and state of affairs.  Young believers think they need to drink expensive vodka, drive expensive cars, and carry fancy bags in order to fit in.  Hipsters think the opposite, yet they still have their own set of rules, like rolled … Continue reading

Confessions of an All-Mountain Biker

Spandex.  If there is one evil in the world that should be taken back it is Spandex.  If Jane Fonda only knew the ramifications her attire would have on the athletic fashion of the future, she might have invested a bit of money in the fabric.  Maybe she did.  But unless you have a body … Continue reading

Racing Against Time

What is the reason for the human obsession with time?  Our lives are on a constant time constraint, perpetually squeezed for milliseconds like a boa constrictor.  We have to be here at this time, there at that time, and eventually, we claim there is no time left for ourselves.  Jobs are defined by how many hours we … Continue reading

Giving It Up to Give Back

Have you ever seen those bumper stickers on the back of shiny mid-sized sedans that read “I’d rather be flying,” or “I’d rather be pedaling,” or “I’d rather be goat wrangling?”  After seeing these catchy slogans, did you ever stop and wonder why that person wasn’t just out doing what they would rather be doing? … Continue reading

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