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Decision Making: The Argument for Going Solo

Living in a mountain town that is separated from the nearest major metropolis by two high mountain passes, road conditions tend to be a hot topic during any snowstorm.  Plowing, driveway shoveling, and the debate whether Colorado uses Mag Chloride on the roads or not (they do when the pavement is above 16F, check CDOT’s … Continue reading

In Defense of Risk Taking

Calculated risk is something that the general public doesn’t seem to understand.  When your day consists of dog walks, conference calls, and grande lattes, the biggest risk of the day may be the decision to take the freeway or the back roads.  This is not to say that this is a bad choice of life, … Continue reading

The Life of a Backcountry Rider

We’ve been slacking.  Not on riding, skinning, or anything like that.  But more so on writing about it and keeping the site updated.  This winter has been a busy one, probably one of the fastest of our time here in the area.  While the snow has been trending along the same levels as last year, … Continue reading

Lift Riding: The Death of Our Mountains

Have you ever had one of those trips that brings you back to your roots?  A trip that brings you back to inspiration, to a place that you feel you were meant to be?  It is a rare adventure, this nostalgic revelation, that makes you realize what makes you tick inside.  Usually, such a trip … Continue reading

Secret Spots: Unlocking Your Wildest Dreams

There are certain lifestyles that become giddy at the idea of a “secret spot.”  A place that you can call your own, or share with a select group of friends that are reliable enough to entrust with the most potent of magical details.  In all honesty, what could be better than your version of a … Continue reading

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