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Quality over Quantity

  Quit complaining about the approach.  In college I would paddle 30 minutes across an inlet rumored to be a hammerhead breading ground just to get to a remote island to surf.  After crossing the island and paddling out to the surf, sometimes we had to paddle for hours just to stay in the same … Continue reading

Mountain Motivation: Why are YOU here?

Late one June evening I was halfway up the CC Rider couloir on Peak C when it happened.  I heard a large cracking noise, almost like the sound of a tree breaking in the wind, yet I was above treeline.  The rumbling came next.  I jammed my axe into the snow and grabbed the head with both … Continue reading

Life Lessons in Climbing

Growing up, adults always loved telling me how important team sports were.  By team sports, we are talking about the southern American trio: baseball, basketball, and football.  According to them, these activities were the only ways that a young person could learn important traits such as dedication, motivation, and teamwork.  Yet, one quickly learned about … Continue reading

The Life of a Backcountry Rider

We’ve been slacking.  Not on riding, skinning, or anything like that.  But more so on writing about it and keeping the site updated.  This winter has been a busy one, probably one of the fastest of our time here in the area.  While the snow has been trending along the same levels as last year, … Continue reading

The Pursuit of Happiness

What did you want to be “when you grew up?”  Personally, I wanted to be a firefighter, Batman, and TWO cowboys.  I don’t really understand the two cowboys thing, but I knew I meant it.  But when you are a kid, or young, or simply young at heart, it is easy to ignore the pressures … Continue reading

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