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MTB Essentials: 5 Items You Need Now

We love gear.  If you live in the mountains, that is just a way of life.  Reinhold Messner famously said, “The modern climber carries his courage in his rucksack.”  While this can come off as a bit negative, it can be nice to know that you can get yourself out of any situation because of … Continue reading

MTB Essentials: 5 Things you Don’t Need

It is possible that one can blame modern marketing for the face of our world and state of affairs.  Young believers think they need to drink expensive vodka, drive expensive cars, and carry fancy bags in order to fit in.  Hipsters think the opposite, yet they still have their own set of rules, like rolled … Continue reading

The GearList: Are You Beeping?

Having a beacon in the backcountry should be like having car insurance on the highway: it should be mandatory.  And just like car insurance, you can buy the cheap version or the expensive version, and pray you never have to use either.  But when it comes to beacons, there is absolutely no reason to buy … Continue reading

The Gearlist: 2013 Splitboards for Your Quiver

This year almost seems to be the breakthrough year for splitboarding.  More and more people are accepting it as a viable backcountry tool.  Maybe we can thank Jeremy Jones and the “Deeper” crew for opening the lift line’s eyes to what a mountain really is, or maybe now that there are some amazing technology developments … Continue reading

Predicting the Unpredictable: Be the Boy(Girl) Scout You Dreamed Of

The lack of moisture around Colorado in the past couple months, if not year, has been scary.  Yet upon waking up this morning, the surrounding peaks were covered in a new layer of snow from the 8500 mark and up.  If there is one thing you can learn from a Colorado spring, it is to … Continue reading

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