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Cornice Cutting on the Cross Couloir

  The most difficult aspect of an alpine start is not the early wake up, but rather forcing yourself to go to sleep.  With the same anxious thoughts as a 10 year old on Christmas Eve, sleep comes as easily as catsup from a glass jar.  Sleep seems to take forever at first, then before you … Continue reading

In Defense of Risk Taking

Calculated risk is something that the general public doesn’t seem to understand.  When your day consists of dog walks, conference calls, and grande lattes, the biggest risk of the day may be the decision to take the freeway or the back roads.  This is not to say that this is a bad choice of life, … Continue reading

The Life of a Backcountry Rider

We’ve been slacking.  Not on riding, skinning, or anything like that.  But more so on writing about it and keeping the site updated.  This winter has been a busy one, probably one of the fastest of our time here in the area.  While the snow has been trending along the same levels as last year, … Continue reading

Conditions Update: Touchy at Best

    Conditions are touchy at best.  After a week of snow and wind, the Colorado snow gods decided to cap the storm cycle off with a night of below zero temps, further weakening our snowpack.  Needing to get out to assess for ourselves, things were obviously worse than expected.  Collapsing, whoomfphing, and spider web … Continue reading

Trip Report: Early Sessions in Vail Pass

It’s hard to judge a season by its preseason snowfall.  Last year we had a great kickoff, and then the faucet in the sky shut off and we were left dry for 2 months.  The season before that waited till almost opening day, then it dumped for weeks on end.  This year… who knows what … Continue reading

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