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Quality over Quantity

  Quit complaining about the approach.  In college I would paddle 30 minutes across an inlet rumored to be a hammerhead breading ground just to get to a remote island to surf.  After crossing the island and paddling out to the surf, sometimes we had to paddle for hours just to stay in the same … Continue reading

Finding Balance in the Split Life

Our society has a fascination with professional athletes.  In maybe a more altruistic view, maybe a little bit of an unhealthy appreciation.  There is something amazing about someone with true mastery of their craft, a person who has abilities beyond most and skills tuned beyond comprehension.  These people have worked hard to arrive where they … Continue reading

5 Backcountry Tips for People Who Think They are Killing It

But really aren’t. Let’s face it, due to the very nature of the pursuit, backcountry riding can introduce you to some characters with some serious testosterone problems (both male and female).  You have to be pretty confident in your abilities to really push yourself and your partners to new zones and to go bigger in … Continue reading

Mountain Motivation: Why are YOU here?

Late one June evening I was halfway up the CC Rider couloir on Peak C when it happened.  I heard a large cracking noise, almost like the sound of a tree breaking in the wind, yet I was above treeline.  The rumbling came next.  I jammed my axe into the snow and grabbed the head with both … Continue reading

Cornice Cutting on the Cross Couloir

  The most difficult aspect of an alpine start is not the early wake up, but rather forcing yourself to go to sleep.  With the same anxious thoughts as a 10 year old on Christmas Eve, sleep comes as easily as catsup from a glass jar.  Sleep seems to take forever at first, then before you … Continue reading

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